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Winter School “Cultural Human Rights in Contemporary World” University of Szczecin

12.02.2024 - 14:13 update 12.02.2024 - 14:13
Editors: izabelamaculewicz

The expert team on international and European law of the University of Szczecin (Poland) would like to invite everyone to Winter School „Cultural Human Rights in Contemporary World” which will be held on 27-29 February 2024. The courses will be conducted by both the experts from Szczecin’s Faculty of Law and special guests.
The course is intended for law students, practitioners and also professionals interested in advancing their knowledge on human rights.

The Agenda of the School covers following topics:

  • The idea of cultural rights in human rights system,
  • Protection of cultural rights in universal system of international law, constitutional law and European Union,
  • Workshops regarding case law of the CJEU and ECtCR,
  • Protection of cultural rights of migrants and refugees.
The School will be organized on-line via MS Teams. Registrator is availableon the following website: https://tiny.pl/dh5g4
There is no fee, participants will be given certificates issued by the Faculty of Law of the University of Szczecin.

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