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Joanna Kapias

She is a graduate of the Pedagogy programme at the University of Silesia’s Faculty of Ethnology and Education Studies.

The best graduate of the academic year of 2016/2017.

She graduated with grade average of 4,92 and with an A on her diploma. She participated in numerous scientific conferences incl.: 2nd International Scientific Conference “Inny w moich oczach, Ja w oczach innego” (Cieszyn 2015). Originator and the main organiser of lectures and workshops “Zobaczyć Niewidzialne – Rzeczywistość Edukacyjna Wobec Dysfunkcji Wzroku” (Cieszyn 2016), and the 1st Polish Nationwide Typhlo-conference „Zobaczyć Niewidzialne – Niewidomi we współczesnym świecie” (Cieszyn, 2016). She has published scientific publications, among others: „Niepełnosprawność wzrokowa a obecność cech autystycznych u dzieci”, Psychiatria Polska, nr. 51. Joanna Kapias is also active in popular science. During her studies she received Rector of the University of Silesia’s scholarship. A member of Pedagogue’s Scientific Club and Social Support Association “Feniks” in Cieszyn. She is also socially active, incl. provides round-the-clock care during rehabilitation holiday for people with disability, and she provides tutoring in mathematics for charges from foster families. Her hobbies are music, playing the guitar, mountain hiking, sightseeing and tourism, and reading the books.

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