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Żaneta Gieroń

She is a graduate of Biotechnology programme at University of Silesia’s Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection.

The best graduate of the academic year of 2016/2017.

Since 2016, she is a participant of InfoRevita’s grant carried out under the programme TANGO realised by NCBiR and NCN. The co-author of numerous scientific publications incl.: Szopiński M., Sitko K., Zieleźnik-Rusinowska P., Rusinowski S., Gieroń Ż., Małkowski E. (2017). The toxic effect of Cd on pigments composition in Arabidopsis arenosa and Arabidopsis halleri. 5th International Conference and Workshop “Plant – The Source of Research Material”. 21-24 June, Lublin, Polska, Book of abstracts, p. 101., Zieleźnik-Rusinowska P., Gieroń Ż., Kornacka P., Szopiński M., Sitko K., Pasierbiński A., Błońska A., Rajtor M., Magurno F., Pawlikowska S., Śmietana M., Woźniak G., Małkowski E. (2017) Kolonizacja mikoryzowa u Daucus carota i Calamagrostis epigejos rosnących na zwałach pogórniczych i jej rola w stresie oksydacyjnym. 1st Interdisciplinary Scientific Conference “Aktualne Problemy Ochrony Środowiska”. 19 May, Katowice, Poland, book of summaries (in preparation).Technological novelties and influence of diet on health are in the field of her interests.

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