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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Anna Depta

She is a graduate of Individual Interdisciplinary Studies major in Polish Studies: Teacher Training Programme and Sociology: Social Communication programme. She received an A. She actively participates in doctoral studies in literary studies programme. The participant of research projects incl.: “Napraw Sobie Uniwersytet”; a project of students of the University of Silesia which purpose was to identify areas for improvement and propose solutions to constantly improve the functioning of the university. She participated in numerous scientific conferences incl.: “Powieść kryminalna na szklanym ekranie. Współczesne adaptacje przygód Sherlocka Holmesa a przemiany wewnątrzgatunkowe”, where she presented a paper, previously presented at the conference: “Literatura popularna 3: Kryminał”, University of Silesia (Faculty of Philology), 12–14.10.2016, Department of Contemporary Literature Institute of Polish Literature Studies of Faculty of Philology of the University of Silesia. The author of several publications incl.: “Władza w komiksach na przykładzie narracji o Batmanie”, [in:] Wybory popkultury. Relacje kultury popularnej z polityką, ideologią i społeczeństwem, ed. by K. Kowalczyk, J. Płoszaj, Wrocław 2014, s. 53-68;. A three-time Minister of Science and Higher Education scholarship holder. She has received the Rector’s scholarship several times.

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