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Connect UŚ is an online meeting place that connects the University of Silesia community around the world. Thanks to the application you can check who is currently staying in your city or in the place you are travelling to.

What is Connect UŚ?

Connect UŚ is a useful tool while travelling, but not only. It allows you to stay in touch with the UŚ community – you can find friends from your studies, participants of the course you attended a few years ago, or even write a message to your favourite lecturer. The app lets you send private messages and participate in forum discussions.

Connect UŚ is a safe place. Each user creating a profile is verified. We check if they are a student, graduate or employee of the University of Silesia.

Download the application if:

  • you are planning to go abroad,
  • you have just gone abroad and are looking for company or help,
  • you want to find and reconnect with friends from your studies,
  • you would like to get in touch with members of the University of Silesia community.

The University of Silesia community includes:

  • graduates,
  • students,
  • employees,
  • international exchange students (e.g. Erasmus),
  • students of the Summer School, preparatory courses,
  • graduates of postgraduate studies, MBA, Academy of Diplomacy, and Doctoral School.

Thanks to the Connect UŚ application, a person going abroad can check whether there are people connected with the University of Silesia living or staying in a given country or city. If so, the application will make it possible to get in touch with them and receive information about the city or to meet them for a coffee or a walk.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the app provides an online meeting place for the community of the University of Silesia.

The user base is divided into several tabs, making it easy to find your friends. Whether you are a graduate or new student at the University of Silesia, you can easily find people from the same year of study or from the same city thanks to the available filters.

Dziewczyna w dżungli z aplikacją Connect UŚ/ Girl in the jungle with the Connect US application

Connect UŚ - no more distance

Functions of the application

Plan trip – here you will see a map of the world, which will allow you to choose any location in order to check who is currently living/staying in a given city or country. The app will allow you to contact other users so you can chat with them about your trip, ask them questions (like what to see, how to get from the airport to the city, what to keep in mind before you travel) or go out for a cup of coffee with them. In addition, you will also be able to plan your future trips in this tab.

“HELP” function – if you are in a foreign city and find yourself in a difficult situation, e.g. you are lost or you cannot communicate, you can send a HELP message. Other users in that city will receive a PUSH notification, which will let them know about your problem.

Guests – here you can see a map of the city you have just arrived in and check who else is visiting. The application also provides you with information on who is planning to visit your city in the near future.

Community base – individual tabs contain databases of users (graduates, students, etc.). Each tab allows you to filter by e.g., year of graduation/course completion, field of study, country of origin, country of residence, city of residence, etc. This way you will be able to find your friends and reconnect with them.

Forum – this tab lets you post or view posts in the following zones:

  • Graduate zone
  • Student zone
  • Employee zone
  • Zone of other people from the University of Silesia

Chat – here you can send private messages to other users.

We hope that the Connect UŚ application will make your future travels easier and that you will stay in touch with the community of the University of Silesia.

Connect UŚ – terms and conditions

Connect UŚ – privacy policy

Please report all technical issues and suggested changes to the Connect UŚ app to connectus@us.edu.pl.



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