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Natalia M. Ruman ``A Graduate with Passion`` (2018)

She holds a PhD in social sciences in the field of pedagogy at the Faculty of Ethnology and Education Sciences in Cieszyn, a master’s degree in pedagogy with a specialization in integrated early school and pre-school education as well as a master’s degree in theology with  teaching specialization. She obtained the degree of scientific licentia in sacra theologia in accordance with the Apostolic Constitution Sapientia Christiana.

Her work has been appreciated so far with the annual award of the Governor of Pszczyna, Paweł Sadza and the award on the occasion of National Education Day awarded by the headmaster of the school in which she works. She is also an assistant professor at the Department of Education in Humanities and Auxiliary Sciences of Pedagogy at the Faculty of Ethnology and Education Sciences in Cieszyn.

She is the author of many articles published in peer-reviewed journals and edited monographs, as well as a speaker at dozens of conferences and the organizer of numerous conferences, workshops and exhibitions on theology and pedagogy.

Her academic interests include the following fields and areas of science: regional, multi- and intercultural education, religious education ‒ the role of religion in the phenomenon dynamics, identity, tradition, cultural heritage, axiology, religious instruction as a religious-moral education, pedeutology ‒ contemporary catechization dilemmas, the role of a teacher-catechist in the didactic and educational process, as well as thanatology. She took part in the research project of the Department of Catechetics, Christian Pedagogy and Catholic Social Science of the Faculty of Theology of the University of Silesia in Katowice entitled “Upbringing and education towards a mature experience of faith in the Christian community”.

In the area of Pszczyna, she is known as a social worker, because already as a student of two faculties of the University of Silesia (Theology as well as Ethnology and Educational Sciences) in 2005–2010 she was a volunteer at the “Struggle” Socio-Therapy Center in Pszczyna; later she also began working with the Society of Lovers of the Pszczyna Area. Thanks to this, she could start publishing in the “Pszczyna Independent Cultural Advocate” magazine. In the years 2010–2012 she organized workshops, original exhibitions, lectures at the Silesian Press Museum and the Pedagogical Library in Pszczyna.

For 5 years, she has been cooperating with the Mother of God of the Rosary Center in Stara Wieś, where she organizes volunteering for disabled pupils.

Her great commitment and effort has been appreciated as she has been awarded with Rector’s Award of the University of Silesia and a congratulatory letter from the Mayor of Pszczyna, Dariusz Skrobol, for the best ambassadors of the town of Pszczyna.

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