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Paweł Bajtlik: ‟A Graduate with a Passion`` of the month (July 2014)

Within the third edition of the ‟A Graduate with Passion” poll, a July 2015 graduate was chosen: Paweł Bajtlik, a graduate of pedagogy and socio-cultural animation at the Faculty of Ethnology and Education Sciences in Cieszyn. In 2010 he completed his studies, defending his thesis on Internet- and MMO RPG-related Threats.

Paweł Bajtlik z córką na sali gimnastycznej / Paweł Bajtlik with his daughter in the gym

Social activity:

Since 2005, he has been active in the ASA (Academic Sports Association) UŚ University Club in Cieszyn. He has been involved in approximately 25 events of the rank of Polish Academic Championships organized at the University of Silesia in Cieszyn. Every year, he tries to encourage the student community in Cieszyn to act and spend time actively. For 10 years of his activity he was awarded the silver and later the gold badge of the Academic Sports Association by the Main Board in Warsaw. In addition, he was nominated three times and once received the Activist of the Year distinction (in the Silesian environment of Academic Sports Association). For 5 years, he has also been a member of the management board of the ASA-related organization (the one managing clubs in Silesia); and all of this for no remuneration, as part of his social activities. During his fourth year of studies, together with a group of students and graduates, he founded the Culture and Sport Animation Association, which operates to this day, and was its president and vice-president. Together with the members of the association, he organized cultural and sports events for both the local community and nationwide. Currently, as the president of the ASA university club, he is planning to devote his subsequent years to social activities at the university.

Professional development:

After completing his studies, he worked for the BDB Impresariat EVENTS event company, as well as for city councils and sports organizations (including MOSIR Zabrze, MOSIR Cieszyn, Silesian Volleyball Federation, etc.).

He began his full-time job at the ‟Twinpigs” Western Amusement Park in Żory where he dealt with broadly understood marketing and sales. He is currently a manager at a hotel in Bielsko-Biała, where he learns the arcana of sales and hotel industry.


His passion is sport, mainly volleyball, and theatre, with which he was strongly associated during his high school and studies. Currently, his greatest passion is his two-year-old daughter, Wiktoria.

Asked why he deserves the title of “A Graduate with Passion” he replies: “My involvement in ‘stimulating’ students from Cieszyn is from the very beginning characterized by passion and a desire to do something for our city and the faculty so strongly separated from Katowice. Students of Cieszyn faculties are difficult and unruly, but thanks to the classes and events that we organize for them, they stand on ‘organizational’ legs. We give them a chance to develop, get to know the facilities for organizing large events, as well as take care of their health and image.”

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