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Rafał Warchulski ``A Graduate with Passion`` (2017)

Rafał Warchulski

A graduate of geology (speciality: geochemistry and mineralogy) at the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Silesia. He develops one of his passions, namely geology, during doctoral studies at the University of Silesia. Rafał Warchulski’s greatest scientific achievements include the following projects: “Chemical composition, phase and prospects for the use of Zn-Pb metallurgical waste of the Bytom-Tarnowskie Góry region” (scholarship programme for innovative Silesia “DoktoRIS”, financed by the European Social Fund and the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Province), as well as a grant from the National Science Center (“Preludium”): “Modelling of phase changes and element segregation in metallurgical slags with different chemistry under atmospheric pressure and temperatures in the range of 800-1500 ºC”.

He has prepared 23 publications, including 6 articles in international journals, 12 articles in  post-conference monographs, four expert opinions and one chapter in the monograph. He participated in three international and six national conferences, during which he delivered six lectures and presented three posters.

He has been a member of the Polish Mineralogical Society since 2013 and a vice president of the Polish Lysimeter Society since 2016. He has been granted several scientific awards, including the 2015 scientific prize “Incipere auso” for publication in a renowned scientific journal in the field of Earth sciences (the prize is awarded by the National Leading Scientific Center: Center for Polar Studies).

Rafał Warchulski’s second passion is photography. As he says, “Photography has something magical; it is like stopping time, feelings, memories, to which you can return at any time to rediscover them”. Rafał Warchulski thinks that his greatest achievement in the field of photography was a session at the Homeless Animal Shelter in Częstochowa and the subsequent information that thanks to the photographs taken by him many animals have found a new home. One of the effects of his passion for photography is the company founded and managed by him: “Architect of the Memory”. In addition, he started working as a technology broker at the University of Silesia, which allows him to develop interest in science and business.

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