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ICRK „C4RE talks” | Competences of a research project leader

10.12.2021 - 11:51 update 15.06.2022 - 12:54
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Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek answers questions related to the development of research competences and the competences of a research project leader based on experience in working with international research teams at the University of Siegen and the University of Luebeck. In his work, he focuses on the involvement of students of last years in scientific work, and supports his doctoral students in developing research competences at foreign universities as part of employment as a post-doc. Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek emphasises that the potential in creating research projects and their effects come directly from cooperation in a research team and social competences of its members. He emphasises that every research team leader should enable the comprehensive development of his subordinates, work with them on the basis of partnership principles based on trust and good communication. He gives examples of how he takes such initiatives in his research teams and shares good practices in this area.

The interview is attended by experts and scientists associated with the Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development: director of the centre, Prof. Barbara Kożusznik, Olaf Flak, PhD, DSc Eng, Associate Professor and Grzegorz Filipowicz, PhD.

Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek after graduating from IT studies at the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice (November 2002), started working as an assistant and doctoral student at the Department of Pattern Recognition at the Erlangen-Nuremberg University. The topic of his doctoral dissertation, which he completed with distinction in April 2007, was appearance-based statistical object recognition with colour and context modelling. He earned his PhD, Eng, in April 2007 with distinction at the Department of Pattern Recognition of the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg on the basis of the thesis „Appearance-Based Statistical Object Recognition Including Color and Context Modeling”.

In June 2013, Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek obtained a positive evaluation of the junior professorship (German: Juniorprofessur) in the field of pattern recognition at the Faculty IV: School of Science and Technology of the University of Siegen. In January 2014, he obtained his habilitation (PhD, DSc Eng.) at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering of the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow in the discipline of computer science, specialisation: pattern recognition based on the publication cycle „Multidimensional analysis, classification and recognition of three-dimensional objects in images of real scenes”. Since October 2018, Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek is employed as a professor (W3) at the Institute of Medical Informatics at the University of Luebeck and leads a research team known as the MedDS Team (Medical Data Science). In 2019, Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek also obtained the title of professor of technical sciences by a resolution of the Faculty Council of the Wrocław University of Technology.

Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek established a laboratory at the University of Luebeck called APPS Lab (Assessment of Physical and Psychological Signals), in which, together with several dozen of his colleagues, he conducts interdisciplinary research in the field of pattern recognition and machine learning, based on sensors and signals coming from the human body. On the other hand, the Medical Data Science Team headed by Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek also deals with the analysis of human behaviour from many points of view: physical, cognitive, emotional and social human condition. Thanks to their integration, it takes place within a coherent module of holistic monitoring of human activity. The aim of the system is both automatic recognition of patterns in human behaviour in real time and their cumulative evaluation based on a longer observation period.

Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek has published over 150 scientific articles in the field of data analysis using pattern recognition methods, managed 9 research projects selected for funding in national and international competitions, was the main promoter in 7 completed doctoral studies, gave 4 keynotes lectures and over 40 other scientific lectures at the invitation of scientific institutions. Prof. Marcin Grzegorzek works in scientific bodies, e.g. as Associate Editor in Chief of the Pattern Recognition (Elsevier) journal and doing reviews for over 10 other journals. Thanks to his international employment history, Prof. Eng. Marcin Grzegorzek skilfully integrates international scientists in his team.

Prof. M. Grzegorzek i napis: C4RE talks

The series „C4RE talks” (Competences for Research Excellence) consists of presentations, talks and meetings with outstanding experts from around the world who specialise in building and developing competences. The series is carried out as part of the activities of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development

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