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National Research Foundation of Ukraine(NFRU) poszukuje ekspertów

23.03.2023 - 08:54 aktualizacja 23.03.2023 - 08:54
Redakcja: Ewelina Malinowska
Tagi: badania, eksperci, grupa ekspercka, NRFU, ocena wniosków, ukraina, wnioski

NRFU – NATIONAL RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF UKRAINE ( poszukuje ekspertów zagranicznych do oceny wniosków i prosi nas o wsparcie w tym zakresie. 


Zaproszenie od NRFU do rejestracji w bazie ekspertów




Pytania zadane Dyrektor NRFU, dr Oldze Polotskiej, wraz z odpowiedziami:

  • Are people who would respond positively expected to get involved in reviewing for NRFU any time soon, or is the call rather for the sake of building the database for the future?

It can be both depending on the time frames. In case a potential reviewer gets registered in our database in the next couple of weeks, there is a chance he/she will be invited to review a proposal (proposals) within the two calls that are running now. If the registration comes later, the invitation will come later as soon as we launch new calls (presumably this year).


  • Do you use/invite for reviewing only those experts who register in the database? 

Yes, this is our obligation. In case we find a researcher outside our web-system, we ask him/her register first.


  • Or can you use also those that are not registered?

We must anyway invite the person to register before sending the application for evaluation.


  • How do you evaluate the competences of the (potential) reviewers who register? Do you “filter out” some of them?

Members of the respective Call Commission (Panel) evaluate potential reviewers by a clear set of criteria: bearing a research degree, and authorship of research publications fitting the project research field. For some calls, there may be an additional criterion of h-index estimate (but never for projects in social and sciences and humanities).

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