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Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach

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Instytut Fizyki im. Augusta Chełkowskiego


Pracownicy naukowi:

  • dr Biswajit Karmakar
  • dr Ievgen Dubovyk
  • dr Bartosz Dziewit


  • mgr Wojciech Flieger
  • mgr Krzysztof Grzanka
  • mgr Kordiaczyńska Magdalena

Teoria i fenomenologia fizyki cząstek

Research activity:

The research is carried out in several directions, with an emphasis on precise calculations of higher-order perturbation effects for electroweak observables in the LHC and future lepton accelerators. We are particularly focused on the activities related to the FCC-ee project at CERN.

The research topics of the group include:

1. Precise calculation of parameters and observables of the Standard Model (MS)
2. Phenomenology of MS extensions (neutrinos, additional gauge bosons, Higgs scalars)
3. Development of methods and tools for the calculation of multi-loop Feynman integrals

Detailed research goals:
1. Use of new computational techniques and advanced algebra to define and constraint elements of the neutrino mixing matrix with non-standard neutrinos.
2. Phenomenology of non-standard particles in the LHC and future lepton accelerators (H++, W2, Z2, heavy neutrinos).
Precise calculation of electroweak of electroweak pseudoobservables for the LHC and future accelerators.
3. Developing analytical and numerical methods of calculating multi-loop integrals.
4. Analysis of masses and mixing matrices in models with the so-called family symmetry.
5. Analysis of finite groups up to the order of 1025 assuming the existence of family symmetries for 3HDM models.


Recent activity:

  • In October, we welcomed a new member to our research team – Dr. Biswajit Karmakar.
  • Janusz Gluza was a guest at 5th edition of Silesian Science Festival KATOWICE, where he presented a lecture on the role of symmetry in science.
  • Members of our research group took part in the 47th Congres of Polish Physicist organized by Polish Polish Physical Society in Bydgoszcz. Janusz Gluza, Bartosz Dziewit, Krzysztof Grzanka and Wojciech Flieger presented lectures while Karolina Skrzydelska and Szymon Zięba – posters.


Matter To The Deepest Conference:

Every second year, members of our scientific group organise the International Conference on Theoretical Physics „Matter To The Deepest – Recent Developments In Physics Of Fundamental Interactions”. This conference is widely known in Europe, and scientists from all over the world, including Europe, Asia, and America (i.e. from Japan, USA, Canada, China), participate.
The conference aims to disseminate the latest research results in the physics of fundamental interactions, including the significant achievements of Polish scientists and young researchers. The upcoming XLIV conference will be organised from the 15th to 17th September 2021. All details about this event can be found on the webpage:

Current Research Projects:

2021 – 2025  Non-standard neutrinos and CP-violating effects in the leptonic sector,  National Science Centre, OPUS 19 , panel: ST2.

2018 – 2022 The Z-boson resonance at three loops and New Physics effects, National Science Centre, OPUS 13 , panel: ST2.

Latest Publications:

10 July 2021: Bartosz Dziewit, Magdalena Kordiaczyńksa, Tripurari Srivastava: Production of the Doubly Charged Higgs Boson in Association with the SM Gauge Bosons and/or Other HTM Scalars at Hadron Colliders, Symmetry 2021, 13(7), 1240;

July 2021: Janusz Gluza, Magdalena Kordiaczyńska, Tripurari Srivastava: Discriminating the HTM and MLRSM models in collider studies via doubly charged Higgs boson pair production and the subsequent leptonic decays, Chin.Phys.C 45 (2021) 7, 073113;

31 May 2021: Ievgen Dubovyk, Johann Usovitsch, Krzysztof Grzanka: Toward Three-Loop Feynman Massive Diagram Calculations, Symmetry 2021, 13(6), 975;

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