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How to apply?

You apply for a programme of your choice online, through the IRK system (Online Application System). For most programmes, there is no need for candidates to come to Poland at this stage. Qualification procedures take into consideration the grades on your secondary school-leaving certificate (or a different document entitling you to study at undergraduate level in the country where you graduated from a secondary school) or on your BA/BSc/BEng diploma (or a different document entitling you to study at graduate level in the country where you graduated from a university/college).

For some programmes (especially those related to fine arts), in order to be accepted you have to pass an additional entrance exam organized by the University of Silesia.

Admission to most programmes takes place once a year and it usually starts in early June. For some graduate programmes, admission takes place in February, but this applies only to post-BEng programmes addressed to candidates who hold the title of BEng (they last 7 semesters and typically end in February, too).

Dates when the admission process starts and ends may differ depending on the programme. Consequently, candidates should regularly check the University’s website to get up-to-date information on admission timetables for specific programmes.

Detailed information on admission and the specific procedures for a given academic year are usually published in April or in May.

Here are the steps to follow by candidates who wish to apply for programmes offered by the University of Silesia:

  1. Register in the IRK system (Online Application System)
  2. Select a programme
  3. Choose the way in which you will confirm your knowledge of Polish or English
  4. Upload scans of required documents
  5. Pay the admission fee
  6. Take the Polish language exam (if applicable)
  7. Wait for the qualification results
  8. Confirm that you wish to start studying
  9. Submit the documents at the dean’s office
  10. Come and study at the University of Silesia

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