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Learning Polish

We invite all candidates to participate in the courses of Polish as a foreign language offered by the School of the Polish Language and Culture of the University of Silesia.

The School offers a wide range of courses for foreigners who wish to learn Polish for the needs of studying programmes taught in Polish or working in Poland, but also as a hobby.

There are courses both for those who want to learn systematically and for those who do not have much time.

The courses of Polish as a foreign language are offered at different levels:

  • A0 – communicative situations
  • A1 – introductory
  • A2 – for beginners,
  • B1 – threshold,
  • B2 – intermediate general,
  • C1 – intermediate specialist,
  • C2 – advanced.

The School offers:

  • a one-month course of Polish,
  • a one-semester course of Polish,
  • a course of Polish adjusted to the participants’ needs (á la carte),
  • an intensive one-year course of Polish,
  • a course preparing the participants to take exams for certificates in Polish as a foreign language,
  • a one-year preparatory course for foreigners planning to study programmes taught in Polish.

Courses start with a qualification test and end with a final assessment test. There are also some additional tests throughout the course to monitor the participants’ progress.

Detailed information about the courses that we offer is available at the School’s website  SJiKP UŚ.


Contact details:

Szkoła Języka i Kultury Polskiej – Uniwersytet Śląski w Katowicach
ul. Uniwersytecka 4, 40-007 Katowice, Polska
phone no. +48/32/2009 424
fax no. +48/32/2512 991

e-mail: szkola@us.edu.pl

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