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You have been accepted for the programme of your choice and you have registered, submitting your documents? Congratulations! You are now a student of the University of Silesia!

Since now, you will arrange most of the matters with the dean’s office at your faculty.
Below, you will find a package containing the most important information for new students, meant to facilitate your first steps at the University of Silesia.

USOSweb – virtual dean’s office USOSweb – virtual dean’s office

When you have registered, the dean’s office will enter your data into the University System of Study Management (USOS) and create and individual student account in the Central Authorisation Server (CAS).
CAS will enable you to log in to the USOS system: https://logowanie.us.edu.pl/cas/login

You will not be able to log in to USOSweb directly after you have submitted your documents. The dean’s office should enter your data as soon as possible (usually within 7 days after you submitted your documents), but sometimes, for reasons beyond the dean’s office control, it takes a little longer. You can ask at your dean’s office (e.g. when you bring your documents) when exactly you will be able to log in.
Remember that USOSweb enables you to check your grades, the account number to pay for your student ID, and also to learn about any scholarships or a place in a student residence hall that you have received. USOSweb also gives you the possibility to register for courses. Teachers, in turn, can use it to check who is in their group or to enter grades from tests and exams.
If there are any problems with the functioning of USOSweb, report it to http://diotsws.us.edu.pl/site/?q=zespol.

UL – registering for foreign language classes and some oth(...) UL – registering for foreign language classes and some other courses

You log in to UL in the same way as to USOSweb, by means of CAS.
The UL system enables you to register for foreign language classes, physical education, and also for various types of seminars and for monograph lectures.
FIRST COME FIRST SERVED is the most important rule when registering, so do not forget to check USOSweb and UL systems regularly.
Read the information about physical education made available by the Centre for Physical Education and Sport: http://prac.us.edu.pl/~azs/index.php/studium-wf-i-sportu/onas-swfis.
You should also read the information about registering for foreign language classes available at http://spnjo.us.edu.pl/?q=node/585.

Student ID Student ID

All 1st year students at the University of Silesia (both in full-time and part-time programmes) will receive their Electronic Student ID (ELS).
Candidates who start two different programmes pay for one student ID.
The account number to which you should transfer the fees for your student ID as well as information on the amount you should pay is available here: https://us.edu.pl/kandydat/rekrutacja-na-studia-krok-po-kroku/oplaty-zwiazane-ze-studiami/oplata-za-legitymacje-studencka-i-indeks/
Please note that this account number is not the same as the one given to you during admission process in the IRK system. In order to collect your student ID, contact the dean’s office at your faculty.

Student residence halls, grants, health insurance Student residence halls, grants, health insurance

If you wish to live in a student residence hall, submit an application for a place at your dean’s office (directly after you were admitted, when you submit the documents to register for the programme of your choice). Information about student residences offered, prices and forms are available at https://us.edu.pl/student/index/akademiki-2/ .
Information about criteria to be met for scholarships, scholarship amounts and application forms are available at
https://us.edu.pl/student/wsparcie-i-fundusze/swiadczenia-stypendia-i-zapomoga/ . All applications for scholarships should be submitted at your dean’s office.
Information about health insurance is available at https://us.edu.pl/student/wsparcie-i-fundusze/ubezpieczenie/
You can obtain detailed information by contacting the Office for Student Social Affairs, phone no. 32 359 13 40, 32 359 20 46, 32 359 19 79, 32 359 16 94 , e-mail: bstud@us.edu.pl

Opening of the academic year Opening of the academic year

Opening of the academic year is a symbolic celebration that plays an important role in the life of each university. The programme of the event includes swearing in invited 1st year students as well as speeches of new students and doctoral students. It is broadcast live by the internet TV of the University of Silesia at: http://telewizja.us.edu.pl/strona/on-line.

Rules and regulations, procedures related to studying Rules and regulations, procedures related to studying

If you are looking for information on topics such as individually adjusted study programmes, student leaves, returning to the University of Silesia after a break, moving to a different university or programme, etc. you should definitely read the Rules and Regulations of studies at the University of Silesia. In addition, go to the website https://us.edu.pl/student/studia/tok-studiow-2/ . It will provide you with useful information about various matters that are important for students of the University of Silesia.

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