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Food Chemistry – admission process for a new major, apply by 4 Feb 2024

24.01.2024 - 09:39 update 26.01.2024 - 11:18
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New major in Chemistry: Food Chemistry

Have you ever wondered how everyday food products become safe, healthy and accessible? It is all thanks to chemistry, which shapes our favourite flavours and secures high food quality!

Are you dreaming of pursuing a career combining your passion for chemistry with the fascination of the food industry? Discover our new major in Chemistry – Food Chemistry! These three-semester 2nd cycle studies will not only expand your knowledge but also equip you with practical skills indispensable to a successful career in the dynamic world of food chemistry.

Food Chemistry:
savour knowledge, discover mysteries,
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Where does potable water come from?
When you are thirsty, you simply turn on the tap. But there is much more to it than that; water becomes potable thanks to ion-exchange resins. And thanks to food chemistry, you can enjoy a refreshing beverage with no fear!

Are you a fan of milk but allergic to lactose?
Thanks to controlled biochemical reactions and proper enzymes, milk causes no digestive discomfort. It is an example of how food chemistry adjusts products to your needs!

Are you sure olive oil is not fake?
You do not have to worry when you reach for olive oil because its origin is certified thanks to chemical analysis tools. Food chemistry guarantees authenticity and conformity with the standard on the label.

Interested in the fermentation processes of alcoholic beverages?
Discover technologies of fermentation, distillation and sensory evaluation of alcoholic beverages in cooperation with Kompanią Piwowarską | Tyskie Browary Książęce.

Food Chemistry – a key to safety and quality!
Food chemistry is a key field of science that provides safety, nutritional value and ensures the high quality of food we consume. Discover its invaluable role in production, quality control, research, development, and compliance with regulatory standards of food.

Sustainability in practice.
During three semesters of 2nd cycle studies in Food Chemistry, students acquire skills in traditional and modern analytical techniques. They will learn the arcana of detecting contaminants and verifying the authenticity of food products. They will additionally learn about the latest trends such as nanotechnology in the food industry and sustainable production with the use of green chemistry.

Ready for the challenges of the food industry!
Graduates in Food Chemistry are equipped with skills that may allow them to contribute to advancements in the area of food safety, providing good food quality and innovations in production processes. They are ready to face the complexity of the food industry, respond to the contemporary challenges and contribute to the development of sustainable eating habits.


Embark on the journey in the world of food chemistry, where you can savour knowledge and discover mysteries that shape our daily sensations!
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