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Money, patience, skills and luck | Paul Ehrlich

‘Money, patience, skills and luck’ 170 years ago, on 14 March, Paul Ehrlich, researcher, creator of modern drug design, Nobel Prize winner. On 14 March 1854, Paul Ehrlich was born in Strzelin (Strehlen), then part of the Kingdom of Prussia. He belonged to a well-off Jewish family. His father, Ismar Ehrlich was an innkeeper and...

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Science | My passion – Jacek Nycz, PhD, DSc Eng. Assoc. Prof.

What does the organic chemistry mean? Organic chemistry – a branch of chemistry concerned with the study of the structure, properties and reactions of chemical compounds containing carbon, as well as the development of various methods for the synthesis of these combinations. In addition, organic compounds may contain atoms of other elements such as hydrogen,...

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