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During introductory lectures and workshops, participants of the Vinci Summer School in Physics will learn the fundamental issues of the structure of matter, condensed matter physics, magnetism and nanophysics, analogue and digital electronics, and the application of physics in medicine, pharmacology, and environmental research. They will also become acquainted with good practices in teaching physics, i.e. how to perform physics demonstrations effectively. During workshops conducted in the form of individual experimental projects in the Institute of Physics research teams, the student will have the opportunity to learn about the specificity of research work and the latest scientific research conducted by the teams. The students will get to know the laboratories of the Institute, and under the supervision of a research tutor, they will learn how to use the theoretical knowledge acquired during the lectures in practice. The students will actively participate in research conducted by institute research teams.

The school’s program includes 76 hours of classes in English with the following elements:

Basic lecture

Basic lecture classes (18 x 45 min). Depending on the target group’s profile and research interests, classes will be carried out on topics related to the discipline chosen by the student: computer science, chemistry, physics, or material science and engineering.

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Specialist workshops in research teams (30 x 45 min). Each candidate will declare their willingness to cooperate with a given research team at the recruitment stage, selecting the appropriate topic. These will be stationary classes carried out in modern research laboratories. .

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Online lecture

Online lectures will be conducted by experienced foreign professors specializing in the proposed topics (8 x 45 min).

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