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Fourth edition of the “Freedom of Research” competition under the Research Excellence Initiative

13.12.2023 - 14:39 update 13.12.2023 - 15:06
Editors: izabelamaculewicz

The call for applications for the fourth edition of the “Freedom of Research” competition is launched. It is aimed primarily at young scientists, researchers who are returning to conducting research after a long break, as well as scientists who have not yet led research projects. The competition is aimed at promoting scientific activity and gaining experience in project implementation.  Representatives from all departments of our university are encouraged to apply.

The purpose of this year’s “Freedom of Research” competition, organized within the framework of the Research Excellence Initiative, is to activate scientific activity, improve the conditions for scientific development of employees, build high-quality scientific output, disseminate and commercialize knowledge, and consequently increase the impact of the university’s scientific activity on the development of world science. In addition, the competition contributes to the establishment or intensification of international cooperation, particularly with Transform4Europe (T4EU) alliance partners.

The call runs from November 27, 2023 to January 01, 2024 via the registration form which can be found at https://us.edu.pl/idb/badania/#swoboda-badan-iv.

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