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Illustration of US graduate on the anti-smog mural in Warsaw

02.12.2020 - 15:24 update 12.02.2021 - 10:51
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(Polski) Magdalena Starowicz - absolwentka Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Fot. Magdalena Starowicz

„Piórko 2020” is the sixth edition of the contest the main objective of which is to promote reading among the youth. The contest is participated by debuting writers and illustrators and their task is to create a book for children at the age of 4-10. The best project is published and reaches sale in edition of several dozen thousand copies.

The laureates of this year’s edition of the contest were: Magdalena Starowicz (in the category illustration) and Agnieszka Syczyło (in the category text). The result of their work is a book “O Malwinie i tajemnicy Dziadka piwnicy” which is available in the Biedronka stores countrywide since 16 November.

Illustrations made by Magdalena Starowicz are in the opinion of the contest jury “a great drawing, tasteful colours, huge portion of good sense of humour – nothing more and nothing less. Such illustrations may only be the source of envy!” The book cover  ended up on the unique mural in Warsaw which was painted with paints that purify the air from smog. The mural was unveiled by the Łazienkowska Route on the mural wall by 31 Przemysłowa Street 33.

We asked Magdalena Starowicz  about the contest  „Piórko 2020” and the knowledge gained during studies at the University of Silesia.

Magdalena Starowic - mural antysmogowy

How do you feel as a laureate of the contest „Piórko 2020”?

Winning this contest came as a huge surprise to me. Even on the day of announcing the results, when I got a call from the contest organizer I thought at first it was just about some survey to be filled out or so. When I heard I won, I could not believe it for quite some time.

Winning the contest organized on such a large scale is surely an outstanding distinction. I think that winning sealed my career path’s choice as an illustrator. Before then I was involved in a widely-understood graphic design, among others: designing visual identification, web design, animation or creating minor illustrations for the purposes of business or individual clients. Less than two years ago I decided to professionally perform illustrations. Thanks to winning the contest I know that it was worth to undertake such a decision. Winning made me believe in myself.

In addition, it’s an incredible feeling to see your work in such a large format as the mural and to take a book with your illustrations in your hands for the first time. All this is like a dream come true for me. I am so grateful to the contest organizer – Biedronka and the crew from Good Looking Studio that painted the mural.

Mural antysmogowy, autorka Magdalena Starowicz

Did your university education have any impact on your victory in the contest?

I am always guided by the rule that everything that happens to us in our life, all our choices shape us to such an extent that all that finds its reflection later in our personality, our sensitivity and our actions. Studies at the Faculty of Art of US in Cieszyn on the major of graphics were certainly among the experiences that shaped my sensitivity, feeling of aesthetics, teaching me how to think creatively and helping me develop my portfolio. Thanks to these studies I was able to try my luck in various fields of art, visual arts, painting, sculpture and photography. All this surely helps us find our path in the future and recognizing one’s workshop gives us a lot of self-esteem. We need to be conscious of the fact that artistic studies are only the beginning of our development and once we have graduated from them we should never forget about continuous improving of our workshop as it’s quite easy to get rusty at anything without constant practice. During my studies, the tools for graphic designers or illustrators were not yet available in a way they are currently. The internet was not yet that generally-accessible and I had to learn many things by myself after completing my education. I try all the time to keep discovering new techniques and practice drawing.

All in all, during my studies I gained the skills that opened a window towards further work on myself as a graphic designer and an illustrator. Without this my professional path would have surely led me elsewhere. I would also definitely not take part in the contest that I would succeed in.





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