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University of Silesia in Katowice

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CYBER SCIENCE Silesian Centre for Legal Engineering, Technology and Digital Competence

About studies

The project of postgraduate studies is a response to market demands determined by the digital economy. The scope of the studies is based on interdisciplinarity – the participant has to understand technology in order to be able to talk about it and work with it in projects. The persons conducting and coordinating the studies come from both the University of Silesia and the Silesian University of Technology, the University of Economics in Katowice and the Research and Academic Computer Network – NASK National Research Institute (members of the Cyber ​​Science consortium), and what is innovative – they come directly from business, with practical classes in individual entities – project partners. A lot of emphasis on practice, in addition to theoretical knowledge. Top lecturers, known and recognisable on the market. This guarantees access to the latest knowledge, but also effective methods of acquiring practical skills by participants. These, in turn, are what we lack in our European education.

Change thinking to digital thinking. This is what studies are for:

Methodology: Lectures made available by the on-demand method two weeks before the session. Possibility of listening to lectures multiple times. Online exercises and workshops conducted on weekends. A diploma on the basis of a final thesis prepared in a team during a three-day Hackathon. Two semesters of classes. Additional activities complementing the programme from partners.

Programme council

Prof. Ryszard Koziołek 
University of Silesia

Prof. Eng. Arkadiusz Mężyk 
Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Eng. Celina Olszak
University of Economics in Katowice

Director Wojciech Pawlak

Rada naukowa studiów podyplomowych

Tadeusz Białek, PhD
Polish Bank Association

Wiesław Paluszyński
The Polish Information Processing Society

Michał Kanownik
Digital Poland Association

Przemysław Rosati, attorney-at-law
Polish Bar Council

Patrycja Sass-Staniszewska
Chamber of Electronic Economy

Tomasz Chomicki

Michał Jaworski

Xawery Konarski, attorney-at-law 

Andrzej Dopierała
Asseco Poland

Marek Świerczyński, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof. of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University
Council of Europe

Paweł Kasprowski, PhD, DSc Eng., Assoc. Prof.
Silesian University of Technology

Dariusz Szostek, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof.
University of Silesia,

Rafał Żelazny, PhD, DSc
University of Economics in Katowice

Bogdan Fisher, PhD, DSc, Assoc. Prof.

Luigi Lai, PhD


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