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New research initiatives conducted within ICSD

06.05.2020 - 12:12 update 12.05.2020 - 18:48
Editors: MK
Tags: badania naukowe, icrk

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development participates in implementation of several research projects which take up the subjects related to broadly understood human functioning at work.

  • Think tank for the development of key competencies of the Polish academic staff of the future” is a project whose goal is to:
    • design the model for key competencies of research staff and administrative support staff of the Polish higher education sector in Poland;
    • design tools and indicators for measuring and analysing competencies, including online tools,
    • prepare recommendations for the development of key staff competencies.
  • The subject of psychological factors encouraging adaptation and constructive behaviours in various countries affected by coronavirus pandemic – the project is carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Psychology at the University of Silesia and foreign partners from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Spain.
  • There is also research in progress on forming teams composed of humans and cobots. The topics are related to changes in the working methods and the increasing use of automation, robots and cobots.
  • Another research undertaken together with a company (owner of dialysis stations) is dedicated to the management of dialysis teams, identification of factors encouraging the improvement of the quality of their work, and functioning of dialysed patients.
  • The next research theme concerns the psychological and organizational factors supporting the work of research teams.
  • Challenges faced by teams working in the virtual space will also be analysed as part of ICSD activity.
  • The project entitled “Humiliation as an emotional bomb. How to support human dignity at work?” assumes cooperation with foreign partners investigating the subject of humiliation at work and in interpersonal relations.

The above-presented scientific research has been undertaken by interdisciplinary teams formed by psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, specialists in the field of management and economy, musicians, artists and IT specialists.

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