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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development
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ICSD | “C4RE talks” interviews in the form of e-books

As part of the “Visibility of Research Centers – 2nd edition” project, we are publishing interviews with specialists involved in competence management at universities and research institutions on You Tube. In addition, we have prepared e-books containing the content of these interviews. In them you will find answers on how to achieve success as a...

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ICSD won ‘Visibility of Research Centres’ call for proposals by IDB

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development received funding for research and development activities within the 2nd edition of the ‘Visibility of Research Centres’ call for proposals. The centre has been recognised for, e.g. its development potential, impact on socio-economic and international environments as well as the high quality of implemented research projects. The received funds...

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Prof. Barbara Kozusznik, Pro Scientia et Arte award winner

Prof. Barbara Kożusznik, Director of the ICSD, has been awarded the “Pro Scientia et Arte” award. The award is given annually to the University of Silesia employees in recognition of outstanding scientific and artistic achievements. Persons with outstanding scientific or artistic achievements, who are respected by the academic community, can be candidates for the award....

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ICRK | Tailor-made competency model

Anna Węgrzyn | HR manager | ICRK | photo by Piotr Tkacz   “There is no universal competency model. If something is for everything, it doesn’t really serve any purpose. Being aware of this, together with the excellent ICRK team, we decided to design the first competency model dedicated to employees of Polish universities.” “Nothing...

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