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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Interdisciplinary Centre for Staff Development
Logo European City of Science 2024


Grafika: ciekawość (lupa, moty liści)   “The Centre established by us is intended to provoke certain questions, but also to provide a space for discussion, as well as certain tools. Its origin lies in curiosity and passion for cognition”
Grafika: doskonałość   “We should take care of building mutual trust on professionalism. Excellence understood in this way requires us to develop our competencies, regardless of our role at the University”


Grafika: zaangażowanie (motyw liści)   “We may solve some problems intuitively, but we will minimise the risk of failure, if we rely on the data which can be provided by a professional tool. We are involved in searching for such soutions”


Grafika: wiedza (motyw liści)   “We invite experts to cooperate, gather knowledge and build tools to support universities in designing their own solutions in order to strengthen the position of Polish science”


Grafika: punkt (motyw liści)   “Each solution that we develop in the Centre can be compared to a plant. We will give it to you, and you will decide if you want to take it, enjoy it and take care of it”
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