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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Research Excellence Initiative
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Research Excellence Initiative (IDB)

What does it mean for us to be present among twenty Polish universities qualified for the ministerial programme “Excellence Initiative – Research University” (IDUB)? First of all, it is additional financial support, thanks to which we take a number of actions leading to systematic development and improvement of competencies of students, doctoral students and staff of the University of Silesia in Katowice.

We want to fully allocate the financial resources in the amount of PLN 6,196,200 to strengthening our position as a research university. Our whole academic community will benefit from it. Its members will be able to develop professionally and conduct scientific research at the highest level, which will contribute to increasing the recognition of our university on international arena.

The actions implemented under the Initiative are integrated with other projects carried out at the University, to ensure the synergy effect and achieve measurable results in consequence. Research Excellence Initiative combined with the quality-focused programme addressed to scientists, integrated staff development programme within the framework of POWER project and other initiatives motivate the academic community to develop on an ongoing basis and lead to increasing the effectiveness of fund administration and University management.

Modern – visible – research university

We want to appreciate ambitious researchers who take care of the highest scientific quality of their output. We are planning to fund the initiatives that contribute to their professional development and improve the quality of their research. Research Excellence Initiative is also a significant support for young scientists and students, who can operate in the areas with the biggest potential more actively.

Modern university is a “visible” university. Funding breakthrough research and significant scientific discoveries is intended to strengthen the position of the University of Silesia in comparison with other universities in Poland, Europe, and even around the world.

Priority Research Areas (PRAs)

Within the framework of Research Excellence Initiative, we will develop five Priority Research Areas. Each Priority Research Area is connected with the most important challenges that our civilisation currently has to face. The initiative is to encourage scientists – especially the young ones – to conduct interdisciplinary research in cooperation with renowned international centres.


Harmonious human development – concern for health protection and quality of life


Modern materials and technologies, their social and cultural implications


Environmental and climate changes with the related social challenges


Humanities for the future – interdisciplinary research on culture and civilisation


Research on the fundamental properties of nature

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