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Research Excellence Initiative
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Financing the purchase of research, educational and artistic equipment

Continuing the adopted strategy of shaping the infrastructure development policy of the University of Silesia in Katowice, one of the goals of the Research Excellence Initiative is to co-finance key research, educational and artistic infrastructure. Laboratories are profiled with a view to priority goals for civilisation development, especially in the disciplines where staff potential and earlier scientific and research achievements guarantee the best results.
The purpose of futher expansion of the equipment base is also to support the scientific work of teams concentrating their activities around Priority Research Areas.


the purchase of key research, educational and artistic infrastructure for the teams focused on Priority Research Areas, included in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education application in Research Excellence Initiative call for proposals


PLN 1,250,000

Aim of the project

One of the areas of support within the Research Excellence Initiative is infrastructure. The aim of the project is to support research, educational, and development teams focused on Priority Research Areas (PRA).

In 2020, over PLN 1,000,000 was contracted for funding the research needs of teams, especially taking into account the purchase of equipment and maintenance of infrastructure.

Among the ordered equipment are:

  • grinding machine and planetary ball mill for making preparations for geochemical examination,
  • ALPHA spectrometer enabling examination of environmental samples containing a small amount of radioactive elements,
  • digital microscope lens and its components,
  • phytotron for plans in strict conditions,
  • solder stencil printer for the precise, effective, and repetitive placing of paste,
  • twin-screw extruder for creating a mixture of polymers with active substances,
  • specialist chemical reagents for scientific research on nanoparticles’ effect on organisms.

Equipment for research, educational, and artistic infrastructure with the Research Excellence Initiative funds in 2021

In 2021, within the Research Excellence Initiative, the University of Silesia has allocated additional funds of PLN 450,000 for the purchase of equipment dedicated for research, educational, and artistic infrastructure to support scientific, research, and development teams focusing their actions around modern research topics. All the purchases are consistent with the University of Silesia strategy and the Research Excellence Initiative objectives to increase research possibilities.

Balon UŚ w powietrzu
photo by Julia Agnieszka Szymala

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