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‘Tech | Staff’ programme results

08.02.2023 - 16:03 update 13.02.2023 - 11:38
Editors: OO

The beneficiaries of ‘Tech | Staff’ programme, carried out as part of the Research Excellence Initiative, have been selected. ‘Tech | Staff’ programme is addressed to engineering and technical as well as research and technical employees. It is intended to improve their research competencies related to the use of research, educational and artistic infrastructure.

The submitted applications were subject to two-stage formal and substantive evaluation, carried out by the Evaluation Team consisting of members of the Scientific Research Excellence Initiative Board and representatives of the Research-Educational-Artistic Infrastructure Board of the University of Silesia. The substantive evaluation was based on the analysis of the competency development plan of applicants with reference to their experience allowing them to operate and maintain the fitness of science and research equipment, as well as the ability to perform measurements and tests using this equipment. A description of the effects that the applicants intend to obtain thanks to the granted support was also evaluated. The authors of the highest evaluated applications were invited to the interview, during which they discussed their development plan in detail. The winners are three engineering and technical specialists from the Faculty of Science and Technology. Additionally, three further applicants with the highest marks were granted funding for specialist trainings in the maximum amount of PLN 5,000.

The funding will cover the costs of specialised training courses and workshops as well as task bonuses for periodic increases in job duties. The programme beneficiaries are obliged to participate in specialist trainings, increase their activities in the field of Research-Educational-Artistic service equipment listed in the call application, increase the amount of research performed for teams outside their own institute, as well as increase the visibility of operated equipment.

List of winners (file PDF, 189 KB)

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