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Freedom of research | On Young English-speaking Women Writers

27.07.2023 - 11:13 update 28.07.2023 - 09:11
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“Freedom of Research – Science for the Future” series consists of articles, interviews and short videos presenting research conducted by the winners of the “Freedom of Research” call for proposals

Julia Szołtysek, PhD

On Young English-speaking Women Writers

| Tomasz Grząślewicz |

From the crises of adolescence, through criticism of academic life, the problems of being constantly online, to pathological relationships – these topics are a significant part of the discussion on the #MeToo movement. In recent years, we have witnessed a real boom of female novelists writing in English. Translations of their books hit the Polish market quickly, and the review of the most interesting works of ‘angry young women’ was undertaken by a researcher and expert on this subject, Julia Szołtysek, PhD from the Institute of Literary Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia in Sosnowiec.

In the interview, Julia Szołtysek, PhD talks about the novels of such authors as Sally Rooney, Eimear McBride, Christine Smallwood, Lisa Taddeo, Kate Elizabeth Russell and Patricia Lockwood. She discusses their prose experiments, heroines who are often impossible to like, and the process of liberating themselves from the shackles of social expectations.

Research on the works of young English-speaking women writers conducted by Julia Szołtysek PhD, is carried out as part of the ‘Freedom of research’ call for proposals (Research Excellence Initiative).

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