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Freedom of Research | Podcast about the 13th century Jarl of Orkney

27.01.2023 - 09:27 update 21.08.2023 - 14:26
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“Freedom of Research – Science for the Future” series consists of articles, interviews and short videos presenting research conducted by the winners of the “Freedom of Research” call for proposals

Jakub Morawiec, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor

Podcast about the 13th century Jarl of Orkney

He was a gifted poet, consummate politician, and fearless wanderer. Rögnvald Koli Kolsson – the thirteenth-century jarl of Orkney – wrote subtle love songs, successfully fought for power and organised an extraordinary expedition to the Holy Land. The life and work of the medieval ruler have become the subject of research conducted by Jakub Morawiec, PhD, DLitt, Associate Professor from the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Silesia. In a conversation dedicated to Rögnvald Kola Kolsson, the scientist from the Institute of History recalls colourful episodes from the life of the jarl, reads fragments of his poetry, both the original and translated versions, and also talks about Kirkwall in Orkney, where the Cathedral of St. Magnus, the construction of which was initiated by Rögnvald, stands to this day. It is also worth knowing the opinion of Prof. J. Morawiec about Scandinavian black metal and the series ‘Vikings’.

Work conducted by Prof. J. Morawiec are carried out as part of the “Freedom of research” competition (Research Excellence Initiative).

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