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Team Members: 

PhD Piotr Bartczak (ScopusORCID)
PhD Maciej Kapkowski (ScopusORCID)
PhD Tomasz Siudyga (ScopusORCID)
MSc Daniel Lach
MSc Uladzislau Zhdan


Main interests of scientific team:

  • Design and synthesis of drug and catalyst candidates.
  • Synthesis of functional nanomaterials with nanoparticles of noble metals: Au, Pd, Pt, Re, Ru, Rh, Ir deposited on SiO2, TiO2, ZnO, Ni, Cu, Mo carriers.
  • Functionalized porous materials, ceramic foams (SiC, Al2O3, ZrO2) and nickel metallic foams.
  • Nanocatalysts design and synthesis (CO/CO2 methanation, selective catalytic reduction of NOX, ammonia cracking, alcohols oxidation, polyol acetalization, Sonogashira coupling).
  • Photocatalytic deNOx.
  • Cheminformatics, drug design, molecular modeling, structure-activity, and structure-function relationship.


  • LIDER grant no.: NCBR 0137/L-11/2019, Methodology of continued synthesis of 1,3-dioxolanes along with the extension of the range of applicability of target products in the chemical industry,Project leader: dr Maciej Kapkowski, (2021-2024).OPUS 2018/29 / B / ST8 / 02303, NCN, New unalloyed metallic nano-conjugates on spatial carriers for catalytic methanation and reduction of nitrogen oxides, Project Leader: Prof.  Jarosław Polański, (2019-2023). NCN OPUS research project 2018/29 / B / ST8 / 02303 (2019-2023).
  • TANGO grant no.: TANGO1 / 266384 / NCBR / 2015, NCBR, Regeneration of DeNOx catalysts used in energy installations and new more effective DeNOx catalysts based on innovative materials obtained nanotechnologically, Project Leader: Prof. Jarosław Polański, (2015-2019).
  • Scientific activity as part of the MINIATURA, Catalytic synthesis and physicochemical properties of cyclic acetals obtained from biomass as potential fuel additives, project financed by the National Science Center, no.: DEC-2018/02 / X / ST5 / 00450. Project Leader: dr. Maciej Kapkowski, (2018-2019).
  • ORGANOMET, NCBR Innovative materials and nanomaterials from Polish sources of rhenium and precious metals for catalysis, pharmacy and organic electronics, Project No. PBS2 / A5 / 40/2014, (2014-2016).



  • Sylvain Antoniotti, Université Nice Sophia Antipolis (France),
  • Johann Gasteiger, Institut für Organische Chemie, Computer Chemistry Center, University of Erlangen- Nuremberg (Germany),
  • Josef Jampilek, Zentiva pharmaceutical company (Prague, Czech Republic),
  • Martin Doležal, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové (Czech Republic),
  • Marcos Dantus, Michigan State University (USA),
  • Vaclav Slovak, University of Ostrava (Czech Republic),
  • Blaž Likozar, National Institute of Chemistry (Ljubljana, Slovenia),
  • Angelos Efstathiou, University of Cyprus (Nicosia),


  • Des R. Richardson, Sydney Medical School, The University of Sydney, Sydney Australia,
  • Jean-Francois Mouscadet, Dr Marc Le Bret, Dr Luba Tchertanov, Laboratoire de Biotechnologies et de Pharmocologie génétique Appliquée, Modelisation moléculaire, Cachan Cedex, France
  • William Spillane, Chemistry Department, National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland,
  • Dietrich Gudat, Institut für Anorganische Chemie, Universität Stuttgart,

Selected articles:


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  2. M. Kapkowski, M. Ludynia, M. Rudnicka, M. Dzida, E. Zorębski, M. Musiał, M. Doležal, J. Polanski, Enhancing the CO2 capturing ability in leaf via xenobiotic auxin uptake, Sci. Total Environ., 742 (2020) 141032. (MNiSW = 200; IF = 6.551)
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