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MOTIVATION PROGRAMME – there is a possibility to obtain additional financial rewards for special scientific achievements including the best publications, grants, patents, scientific mobility, etc. (last year the sum of allowances paid on this account reached almost PLN 2 million).

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT – there is a possibility of further professional development through participation in training courses organized by the university; the possibility of applying for grants financed by Polish scientific agencies, the possibility of creating one’s own research group, and participation in doctoral training.


  • Assistance with accommodation upon arrival in Poland, in a university assisted hotel
  • Assistance in obtaining the required registration, PESEL and legalization of residence after arrival in Poland.
  • Assistance in integration with the academic community, including foreigners employed at the University.

SOCIAL BENEFITS PACKAGE – social benefits package includes Holiday allowance.

Possibility to join the group life insurance for employees of the University, their spouses/life partners and adult children, the Employee Pension Scheme and the POGODNA JESIEŃ group pension insurance.

University employees may also buy a healthcare package within the additional health insurance for themselves as well as for their spouses/life partners and children.

It is also possible to apply for:

  • Co-financing of vacation and recreation benefits,
  • In-kind and financial assistance for people in a particularly difficult situation or in cases of hardship,
  • Co-financing of recreation organized in the form of group tourism,
  • Co-financing of cultural, educational, sports and recreational activities,
  • Co-financing of “green schools”,
  • One-off financial assistance due to the birth of a child,
  • Co-financing of meals for children in kindergartens and schools,
  • Subsidies to cover the cost of: nursery, children’s club, day care or nanny,
  • Subsidies for university recreation centers,
  • Loans for housing purposes.


Services dedicated to the employees of the University of Silesia:

  1. a) Access to the University of Silesia Academics’; Bibliography,
  2. b) HAN – new system of remote access to databases subscribed by the University of Silesia,
  3. c) Didactic Digital Library of the University of Silesia.



There are 57 sports sections for university employees to participate in, some sections are free.

Also, the participant of the Sports Club receives an Academic Sports Association Card, which allows 24-hour protection worldwide with an NNW insurance, confirms the membership in the Academic Sports Association of the University of Silesia and others.

Read more: Sekcje sportowe AZS Uniwersytetu Śląskiego. Akademickie Mistrzostwa Polski. Zajęcia sportowe dla studentów. (azsus.pl)


The Polish language courses are organized for everyone who is interested in learning Polish. The School conducts the courses for the foreigners staying at present in Poland and for those who are going to come to Poland in order to learn Polish as well as to plan a business trip to our country.

The courses are appropriate for persons who do not have enough time for learning language and for those who would like to study systematically. Our courses are open for  students of Polish philology as well as for businessmen.

The special programme enables participation in classes that allow participants to obtain the skill of using Polish in everyday situations in both private and business life.

A teaching hour lasts 45 minutes. The basic learning programme contains 60 teaching hours.

The Polish Language Courses are conducted on  each level of the linguistic advance (A0 – Survival Polish, A1 – Breakthrought, A2 – Waystage User, B1 – Threshold User, B2 – Independent User, C1 – Competent User, C2 – Good User). They start with a qualifying test and end with an exam estimating progress. There are the mid-semester tests during the course.

For employees of the University of Silesia the course is free.

Register for the course: Polish language courses – Szkoła Języka i Kultury Polskiej Uniwersystet Śląski (us.edu.pl)

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„Come2US – professionalization and centralization of support of the foreign employees of the University of Silesia in Katowice”
The project financed by the Polish National Agency of Academic Exchange (NAWA) as a part of Welcome to Poland Programme (2020).

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