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First workshop in the Welcome2US project

First workshop in the Welcome2US project On the 22nd of March, as a part of the Welcome2US project, we organized the first workshop for the employees from abroad and the university employees working with foreign staff. We have over 70 employees from 33 countries at the University of Silesia in Katowice. Their presence enriches the...

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Culinary Workshop – Integration by Cooking

Usually during our integration meetings we sightsee and then have  dinner together. This time we cooked together to not only “sightsee” but also to be a part of  Polish culture, or, to be specific –Polish cuisine. On the 3rd of March, the integration workshop for foreign employees has been organized in Pracownia Smaku Jolanty Kleser....

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The Coffee Brewing Workshop

„If you are worried – have a coffee, if you are happy – have a coffee, if you are tired – have a coffee.” Martyna Wojciechowska Its incredible taste and aroma is a part of all kind of meetings, conversations, walks and everyday work… Coffee is the best way to get to know one another...

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