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Closing the Interdisciplinary International Silesian Summer School VINCI – Dive into Science

25.07.2022 - 09:50 update 25.07.2022 - 14:54
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On Friday 23.07.2022 r. VINCI Interdisciplinary International Silesian Summer School VINCI – Dive into Science has ended.

This day belonged entirely to our students. We organized a scientific seminar for them. Each presented the results of their individual works, made under the supervision of scientists from their chosen disciplines: physics, chemistry, computer science, and material science and engineering.

Students approached their presentations very professionally. As the school’s organizers, we were proud to see how great they did their job. Most of them established longer cooperation with the Scientists of the University of Silesia. We trust that we have in them our future students of the doctoral school!

Each student received a certificate of graduating from the Vinci summer school. We saw their positive emotion and gratitude. In their statements, they emphasized that they felt at home with us here at the University of Silesia. They appreciated the friendly atmosphere of the academic staff, the opportunity to visit Poland, and Polish culture. They appreciated the high level of classes, and the only thing they regretted was that they did not have research workshops for one more week. This is probably the best that we could hear from them.

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