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The 2nd edition of the ‘Equality and Diversity in Research’ competition has been resolved

03.01.2024 - 12:47 update 08.01.2024 - 10:32
Editors: AJS

The ‘Equality and Diversity in Research – 2nd edition’ competition has been resolved. Scientists representing 7 disciplines received support for activities such as: own research, research and consultation trips, queries, participation in international conferences, translation and proofreading of texts intended for publication.

The competition committee assessed 39 submitted applications, taking into account such criteria as: compliance of the research topic with the competition objectives, substantive value, accuracy of methodological solutions, originality, social significance understood as the possibility of applying the results in social and educational practice and the possibility of influencing social diversity, publication effect and international research cooperation. Financing was granted to 14 applications that received the highest marks in the substantive evaluation. The co-financed projects represent the following disciplines: biomedical engineering (1), linguistics (3), literary studies (4), pedagogy (1), law (3), psychology (1), sociology (1). A total of PLN 100,000 was allocated for the implementation of the projects, with the lowest funding amount being PLN 4,000 and the highest being PLN 8,500.

The ‘Equality and Diversity in Research – 2nd edition’ competition was organised as part of the University of Silesia ‘Research Excellence Initiative’ programme and the Gender Equality Plan. It contributes to promoting the topic of equality and diversity in scientific research, disseminating the results of such research and developing international research cooperation in this field. It is focused on activities consistent with the EU Gender Equality Strategy for 2020–2025 and on increasing the importance and visibility of the university, especially in the Horizon Europe programme.

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