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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Natural Sciences
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The aim of the degree programme is to prepare graduates to use their broad knowledge in biology, independently deepen their knowledge, present their knowledge in public, and apply it in professional activity. Bachelor’s degree studies are the first stage on the path of receiving qualifications to work in laboratories and facilities related to food industry, pharmaceutics, health care, plant breeding, pest control, environmental protection, nature conservation and related to them economic sectors and fields of science.

A student acquires knowledge in specific disciplines consisting of biotechnology, in particular: sciences describing the biodiversity of the living world, microbiology, cell biology, plants anatomy, histology, embryology and developmental biology, biophysics, biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and genetic engineering, cytogenetics, tissue culture, animal and plant physiology, ecology, environmental protection, the basics of bioprocess engineering, chemical analytics, law, production economics, rules for production organisation, and safety regulations for work in biotechnology. A crucial element of the studies lies in making use of databases, audio-visual means, computer programmes and other tools that are the base of modern biotechnologists’ work and are helpful in their further self-education and social communication.
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