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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Faculty of Natural Sciences
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Strengths of the Faculty


  • High quality of R&D and education
  • State-of-the-art research equipment
  • Involvement of students in research projects
  • Excellent teaching facilities (lecture hall, a number of computer rooms classrooms with modern equipment and aids, rich Library resources)
  • A number of field activities and research camps in attractive areas of Poland and abroad
  • Free training sessions and courses for students to improve their professional and linguistic skills and enhance graduates’ attractiveness and competitiveness in the labour market
  • Participation of students in research expeditions, exploratory excursions and geological excavations
  • A number of student research groups and an active Student Government
  • Friendly atmosphere in class and very helpful Dean’s Office
  • A wealth of science communication events – cooperation with schools and businesses in the region (see the events calendar)
  • High employment rate among graduates corresponding to their educational profile (see graduates’ stories)
  • Attractive surroundings, outdoor leisure areas, and a lapidarium
  • Proximity of the campus (dormitories, catering, and entertainment facilities)
  • A relaxation area and student activity area managed by the Student Government

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