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Funding scientific research of international importance

In building its position as a research university, the University of Silesia in Katowice particularly appreciates the efforts of researchers who take care of the highest quality of their scientific output. Due to this, various initiatives which contribute to professional development of scientists and improvement of the quality of their research will be funded as part of Research Excellence Initiative.

The funding will cover projects associated with groundbreaking research of high social impact and international range. This area also includes financing research centres, which are the showcase and driving force behind the transdiciplinary research activities of our University.

Calls for proposals

The recruitment in the first competition entitled „Freedom of research” under Research Excellence Initiative has ended. It enjoyed great interest among our academics and researchers. 161 scientists applied for the competition, including 50 of them on the last day of recruitment. The submitted applications for research activities are related to all disciplines represented at the University of Silesia.

The initiative enjoyed the biggest interest among scientists conducting research in such fields as psychology (13% of all applications), materials engineering (also 13% of all applications) and biological sciences (8% of all applications). Over 10% of applicants are scientists representing different disciplines of art.

In the first edition of „Freedom of research” competition, the overall requested amount was PLN 1,819,927.04.

Purpose of the competition

Scientific development of employees, building highly ranked scientific output, as well as dissemination and commercialisation of knowledge are the main assumptions of call for proposals entitled “Freedom of research”. You can receive funding in each discipline as part of this competition – not only for any type of research, but also for proofreading, translation, scientific trips, research visits and conferences.

Terms of participation include: presentation of one evaluation achievement from the last 3 years and declaration that the results of research related to the awarded funding will be published. Scientists may receive up to PLN 20,000, until the funds have been completely used up.


Can a publication declared in the application have more than one author (the applicant)?

Yes, publications with many authors are allowed as the final research outcome.

 Can an application form be submitted by a research team?

An application form in this call for proposals has to be submitted by a single scientist. However, the research activity can be implemented by a research team.

Is it possible to apply for the funding of scientific research whose theme is also a subject of another grant?

Yes, you can apply for such funding, with the reservation that the proposed costs cannot be covered under another grant, so as to avoid double funding.

How is the research outcome declared in the application form to be settled?

When the editorial board of the journal decides to accept the article declared in the application form for print, the beneficiary has to inform the Science Department about this fact through the online report form, which will be available on the website of Research Excellence Initiative.

The situation is the same in the case when funding is above PLN 10,000. The research outcome is settled by providing information that the declared additional outcome has been achieved to the Science Department. The beneficiary will be informed that their research activity has been settled by e-mail.

What happens if the journal rejects the publication declared in the application form?

In the case of problems with publication of the article/monograph, all efforts should be taken for the publication to be issued in another journal/publishing house with the same number of points awarded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education as declared in the funding application form.


single research activity


from 2 November 2020 to 30 November 2020 [end of recruitment]


research employees | research and teaching employees


PLN 20,000

Kilkoro naukowców na Spitsbergenie ubranych w czerwone i czarne kombinezony, na skuterach śnieżnych
photo from the archive of Dariusz Ignatiuk | Centre for Polar Studies

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