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Institute of Political Science
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The American Political Science Association (APSA), established in 1903, brings together political science students and researchers. It has more than 11,000 members in over 100 countries. The APSA presents a wide range of programmes and services intended both for researchers at every academic career level, as well as for larger entities such as faculties and institutes. It has 4 scientific journals (American Political Science Review, Perspective on Politics, Journal of Political Science Education and PS: Political Science & Politics). The main goals of the association’s activities include promoting research and high-quality educational programmes in the field of political science, supporting the community of political scientists on multiple levels, defending the legitimacy of scientific research in the field of politics, as well as encouraging the application of rigorous ethical and scientific standards in the field of scientific research. Employees of the Institute of Political Science have been regularly participating in an Annual Meeting & Conference.

More details available on the APSA website.

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