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University of the Best

The University of the Best is the first programme of its kind in the Silesian Province aimed at developing the passions of the most talented primary and secondary school students interested in scientific development. The programme’s aim is to showcase the extensive educational offering of the University of Silesia and to encourage people to study in the Silesian Province. The University of the Best supports primary and secondary school students in the development of their cognitive activities, stimulating innovation and creativity. The main working method at the University of the Best involves personalised education based on tutoring. The tutor helps in the efforts to find the optimal scientific path and to adapt it to the student’s own interests. During the tutoring sessions, the tutor seeks to identify the tutee’s potential, helps them to discover and develop their talents, set out the path of development together and motivate the tutee to pursue long-term collaboration in personal and scientific development. The programme participants are recruited from among primary and secondary school students. The committee includes research workers from the University of Silesia. The programme assumes the implementation of customized educational programmes for gifted students under the tutorship of academic staff of the University of Silesia.

The programme for the participants will be implemented in two editions lasting from October until June. Both editions will be concluded with a conference summing up the programme.

The coordinators of the project editions so far have been employees of the Institute of Political Science: the first edition was coordinated by Paweł Grzywna, PhD, while the second edition has been coordinated by Natalia Stępień-Lampa, PhD.

More details available on the University of the Best website.

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