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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Institute of Political Science

dr hab. Katarzyna Czornik, prof. UŚ


Assoc. Prof. Katarzyna Czornik, Professor of the University of Silesia –  Ph.D. Habil. in social sciences in the discipline of  political science and administration (specialties: international security and international relations). She is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Political Science, Faculty of Social Science, the University of Silesia in Katowice. A graduate of politology at the University of Silesia. She completed The Academy of Young Diplomats programme at the European Academy of Diplomacy in Warsaw (specialty: Foreign Service)  and numerous courses and trainings in the Polish Institute of International Affairs and the European Academy of Diplomacy, Warsaw. In the past, she was a consultant at the Regional Centre for International Debate, Katowice. Her research interests focus on:  the Middle East in the international relations, foreign policy of the United States (the US policy towards the Middle East and the Russian Federation in particular), international terrorism, jihadism and Islamic fundamentalism, armed conflicts and international disputes, international security and Polish foreign security. She is an author of four monographs: Irak w polityce zagranicznej Stanów Zjednoczonych w okresie pozimnowojennym, Katowice 2011; Bliski Wschód w polityce zagranicznej Stanów Zjednoczonych w latach 1945-2012, Katowice 2012; System konstytucyjny Islamskiej Republiki Iranu, Warszawa 2014 and Polityka zagraniczna Stanów Zjednoczonych Ameryki wobec Bliskiego Wschodu w okresie pozimnowojennym. Elementy kontynuacji i zmiany, Toruń 2019. She is also a co-author of  a monograph Konflikty zbrojne na Bliskim Wschodzie i w Afryce w drugiej dekadzie XXI wieku, Katowice 2018. She is a co-author of  six edited works, an author  of 50 research papers and a member of the Polish Political Science Association, the Polish National Security Association and the Polish Oriental Society.

Awards: the Rector’s Award for the authors of the best doctoral dissertations, the Rector’s Individual Award for scientific and research achievements,  the Rector’s Individual Award for organizational activity, The University of Silesia; Medal of the Commission of National Education.





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