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Institute of Political Science

Science Camp: Institute of Political Science and Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín

In November, a group of students of Political and Public Consulting had the opportunity to participate in a scientific camp organised by the Department of Political Science of the Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín. This allowed our students not only to visit the most important places in Bratislava related to the political transformation in Czechoslovakia, but also together with their Slovak peers, they took part in workshops on human rights and ethical and anti-corruption behaviour conducted by Dr Pavol Struhár and Dr Marián Bušša. As part of the workshops, students created social projects aimed at strengthening the pro-civic and anti-corruption attitudes of young people. The critical point of the camp was a meeting with local activists and representatives of organizations working to build civil society in Slovakia, where students presented their projects. The young people also formulated their recommendations for the Slovak anti-corruption policy. The projects were well received by the guests, who agreed that they would support the implementation of some of them.

The final highlight of the camp was a visit to the nearly one-thousand-year-old castle in Trenčín – in the past one of the strategic landmarks along the northern border of the Hungarian State, and today a place promoting local culture and tradition. The group’s supervisors were University of Silesia Professor Marek Migalski, PhD, Maciej Marmola, PhD, and Agata Olszanecka, MA.



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