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Wojtasik Waldemar, Assoc. Prof.


Founder of the Association for Scientific Initiatives, the IPSO ORDO Academic Foundation, a journal Political Preferences and the Election Polling Research Section of the Polish Political Science Association. President of the Katowice branch of the Polish Political Science Association in 2008–2014. Deputy Dean for Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Silesia in the years 2017–2019. Member of the Political Sciences Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences in the 2020-2023 term. Member of the Scientific Council of the Research Center for Public Policy and Regulatory Governance. Expert of the Capital Market Education Foundation, the Observatory of Urban and Metropolitan Processes and the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development –  Priority Axis 2, Action 2.1. Sub-action 2.1.a.

Manager and researcher of the following projects financed from public funds for scientific research: 2 H02C 096 22 – “Special Economic Zones as an Element of Regional Policy of the Third Polish Republic on the Example of the Katowice Special Economic Zone”, NSS 3/2009/1/MRR – “Innovative and Social Impact of Special Economic Zones and Clusters in Poland”, N116 491740  – “Regional Political Scene  – Competitive Patterns in the Context of Local Government Elections 2010”, 2011/01/B/HS5/ 00549  – “Impact of Electoral Deformations on Political Systems. Analysis of Electoral Deformations in Selected Majority, Proportional and Mixed Electoral Systems.” The creator of the Integrated Anti-Corruption System (Polish acronym ZSZA), implemented in administration, local government, state-owned enterprises and private companies, deploying the assumptions of the Government Anti-Corruption Strategy. He introduced to international scientific discourse the first empirical tool to study the level of political deformation representation (Congruent Representation) obtained as a result of general elections. An expert in the leading European research program EUvox, analysing the spatial relationships of voting theory, implemented in all European Union countries. Expert in the EPAC project – Expert Survey on Ethnonationalism in Party Competition, implemented by Universität Konstanz and the University of Bern.

Author of over 200 scientific articles, including 7 monographs, published in Poland and abroad.







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