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Master’s degree studies at the University of Silesia

Undertaking 2nd cycle studies is the next step in higher education, which enables to gain in-depth knowledge in a particular scientific discipline.  The duration of Master’s degree studies at the University of Silesia is 2 years (4 semesters), whereas Engineer’s degree studies last 1.5 years (3 semesters).  These studies end with a diploma exam, and the graduates obtain the MSc or MSc Eng title at the Engineer’s degree studies. 2nd cycle studies may be either a continuation of previous education, or initiation of related or entirely new studies. They are designed for individuals who already have a Bachelor’s degree, Engineer’s degree, MSc degree or other equivalent foreign document.

Admission process to this level of studies is most frequently conducted until the end of September, so that the 1st cycle students who defend themselves in this month have the opportunity to take part in the qualification process, and take up 2nd cycle studies in the upcoming academic year. In some degree programmes it is also possible to start education in the summer semester.

Admission to this kind studies is available for all individuals with degree diploma (at least BSc degree) or other equivalent document. Upon completing these studies, it is possible to continue education at doctoral schools. In order to take up 2nd cycle studies, it is usually required to have the undergraduate degree diploma (or graduate degree diploma) in the field of science specified in the qualification criteria. However, there are no such restrictions for certain degree programmes, and you can undertake them as long as you comply with the admission terms, having a diploma in any degree programme.

2nd cycle studies may be full-time or part-time (or in both modes). Part-time studies are different from full-time studies, because tuition fee is collected.

In the Online Application System you will find the offer of all 2nd cycle studies (including the admission criteria), as well as detailed recruitment dates, which are provided in the Online Application System separately for each degree programme.

Information on the curriculum, e.g. lists of courses, is available in ECTS Guide.

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