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University of Silesia in Katowice


Admission process

Dear Candidate,

the admission process has two stages.

  • Stage I happens online: you apply for a programme or programmes of your choice. If you wish to apply for any programme (undergraduate, graduate or long-cycle MA/MSc, full-time or part-time) starting in the academic year 2020/2021, it will be possible to register as a candidate in the Online Application System (IRK) from 15th July 2020, 12:00.
  • Stage II starts when the results of the qualification procedure are published in the form of a list of accepted candidates. At this stage, accepted candidates have to come to the dean’s office to register for the programme(s) for they have been accepted and to submit all the necessary documents.

Please pay attention to the deadlines specified by the University that relate to: applying for a programme of your choice, paying the admission fee, taking additional exams (if such exams are included in the criteria), registering for the programme for which you have been accepted and submitting all the necessary documents. These deadlines may differ depending on the programme. If you fail to keep the deadlines, you may drop out from the admission process.

It is important that you read carefully the detailed description of each stage and know the deadlines related to the programme(s) of your choice specified in the timetable for each programme in the IRK system.

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