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The ORCID identifier is the description of the researcher and the associated work, projects, and grants. It allows scientists around the world to assign scientific achievements to a scientist uniquely. Following the internal regulations in force at the University of Silesia, each researcher and doctoral student must have an ORCID.

How to set up an ORCID

Creating a profile is very simple. Just go to the address: https://orcid.org/register and create your ID. Then go to your profile in SCOPUS and ResearcherID and connect them with ORCID. Then the only thing left is to use ORCID.

The last step is to submit information about it to the Library of the University of Silesia. More information from the CINiBA website: https://www.ciniba.edu.pl/dla-nauki/1201-uni Uniwersytet-slaski/987803-mi-orcid.

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