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Regulations for granting funds at the disposal of the University Council of Doctoral Student Government of the University of Silesia:

The University Council of Doctoral Student Government distributes funds for the current six months twice a year, i.e. around 15th February and 15th October. Doctoral student organizations and faculty doctoral student governments can apply for the funds. It is also possible to apply for co-financing individual research projects. Applications on the appropriate form should be submitted until 7th February and 1st October to the Student Service Centre (Rectorate, ul. Bankowa 12, room  127).

If the application for co-financing is submitted by the members of the student research group,  it must be signed by the supervisor of this group and if the application is related to an individual project, then the signature of the research supervisor of the applicant is required. Applications with no signatures will not be considered.


In addition, the electronic version of the application should be submitted to the following address: doktoranci@us.edu.pl (supervisor’s signature in the electronic version is not required).

It should be borne in mind that the organization, government or doctoral student using the funds in a given settlement period is obliged to submit the content-related and financial report until 20th January and 20th September, respectively. Failure to submit the report results in the inability to receive funds in the subsequent periods. The distribution of funds is public information and will be published on this website.


By allocating the funds, the University Council of Doctoral Student Government defines the basic priority criteria for granting them (due to limited financial possibilities).

Scientific activity is particularly distinguished compared to any other forms of activity.

Priority is given to collective action (e.g. organization of conferences) over the individual one (e.g. a trip to a conference). In the case of the individual activity, there are more opportunities to obtain funding, primarily from the faculty funds or the doctoral school.

Projects that are also financed from other sources are highly assessed. This particularly applies to scientific conferences, which should be financed to a large extent from conference fees (it is not applicable to small-budget conferences).

The advantage is the activity activating doctoral students of the unit and the University, as well as the one that enables doctoral students to present their achievements and scientific development.

Spending funds within the University, e.g. for inventory purchases or accommodation in a university hotel can be an additional criterion.



Application for co-financing

Content-related report

Financial report

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