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National conferences and delegations

A doctoral student who wishes to participate in the conference is obliged to:

  • determine the source of funds (e.g. grant, institute funds);
  • fill in the form knows as ”K” form – Application for the trip to a national conference (doc, 30kB) and deliver it to the administrator of the funds so that it could be signed (1 copy).
  • fill in the following firm: Agreement on reimbursement of travel expenses (docx, 16kB) and deliver it to the administrator of the funds so that it could be signed (3 copies). The agreement must include the expenses related to travel, accommodation and subsistence allowance. An administrative employee of the University of Silesia can assist in estimating such expenses. This stage is not relevant to the persons employed at the University of Silesia under a contract of employment.
  • obtain approval of a business trip (delegation) that can be issued by an employee of the university administration competent for university funds (e.g. the office of the institute, the office of the doctoral school) using the SAP system (a doctoral student who is not employed at the University of Silesia must already have Agreement on reimbursement of travel expenses at this stage). A doctoral student takes the delegation form signed by the administrator of funds to the conference to obtain confirmation from the organizer.

A doctoral student who is to take a business trip for a different purpose (e.g. scientific visit to seek library source materials, training) is subject to the same procedure except for filling in the form known as “K”.


The data needed for the “K” form, i.e. transfer details, should be provided by the conference organizer. The organizer informs about the form and date of payment. An invoice issued to the University of Silesia is the basis for the financial settlement of the conference, which the organizer usually sends by post directly to the Accounting Department at the University of Silesia. If, however, the conference participant receives an invoice on the spot during the conference, they should deliver it immediately to the Chief Accounting Department through official channels i.e. their unit or directly (Rectorate, ul. Bankowa 12, room 58).

If doctoral students do not use the payment method (“K” form) and independently cover the costs of the conference (e.g. because they reported their participation to the conference at the last minute or have not received appropriate funds in time) and want to obtain a fee refund, they  must obtain the invoice issued to the University of Silesia by the organizer (Tax Identification Number 634-019-71-34, ul. Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice) and describe it accordingly (with the assistance of the administration workers).


Persons who wish to use their private car are obliged to write an application to the Rector of the University of Silesia or to the dean of their department or the doctoral school for reimbursement of travel expenses. NB! The permission to use a car is not automatic and must be confirmed before departure.


The entire procedure related to business travel is described in the Ordinance no 30/2016 of  20th April 2016 of the Rector of the University of Silesia on the introduction of “Instructions on receivables related to business travel of employees, travel of persons who are not the employees of the University of Silesia and guests’ travels, and the regulations related to their settlement” (as amended).

At all stages, in the event of any doubt, it is best to ask a member of the administration staff (e.g. at an institute or doctoral school) than to neglect or incorrectly perform the procedure.

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