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Dr. Ewelina Kawiak | Mathematical fairy tale, or how to learn maths at home in an interesting way

23.04.2020 - 15:23 update 04.05.2020 - 15:21
Editors: MJ

|Dr. Ewelina Kawiak|

Maths is everywhere. It surrounds us and helps us operate in the world smoothly. Children get to know the world of mathematics from the earliest age, with their parents and grandparents as the first teachers. Having learnt the basics of mathematics in the family house, children later expand it in the kindergarten and at school. They build their own mathematical world, create their own mathematical fairy tale. The adult’s task is to support their children in this process. How to encourage them to learn maths? Can learning maths be pleasant? And finally – can children associate maths with good fun? Most of us probably ask these questions, which make particular sense these days, when we have to support our children in the learning process even more than usually, due to the circumstances.

So once again – can maths be interesting? Definitely yes!

Among many ideas how to encourage children and youth to deepen their knowledge of maths, games and fun work best. You can find many interesting suggestions on educational websites with maths teaching aids. Below are the recommended websites with educational materials, games, video lessons, tasks, puzzles and multiple other materials on mathematical education at various levels (from kindergarten, through primary school, secondary school, to university education). The content which you find there can be useful in everyday games and education, as well as for exam revisions:


Another great idea is to use traditional games that support the process of learning (not only maths) and are an excellent opportunity for children to revise and consolidate their knowledge. Among many valuable items in the market, we particularly recommend you those published by Epideixis, Nowik, Granna, Alexander, Egmont and Adamigo.


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