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Agreements and arrangements

agreements, arrangements and letters of intent
almost 2000
agreements, arrangements and letters of intent
agreements concluded in 2018 and 2019
more than 40
agreements concluded in 2018 and 2019

The University of Silesia offers and undertakes cooperation with institutions and business partners on various levels. The University concludes agreements and arrangements that contribute to scientific cooperation, joint research, implementations and patent applications, as well as greater presence of entrepreneurs at the University of Silesia. This includes, among others, conducting classes for students, submitting dissertation topics and organisation of joint promotional activities and projects.

How to start cooperation with our university?

The procedure of signing domestic cooperation agreements, arrangements and letters of intent with business partners, self-government entities and non-governmental organisations:

  1. An employee or an organisational unit of the University declares intent to sign a cooperation agreement.
  2. A draft of the cooperation agreement is prepared by the Industry Cooperation Office’s employee.
  3. The agreement is consulted by departments, a team of legal advisers, a bursar, the head of an organisational unit, a dean, and a vice-rector for cooperation.
  4. The draft of the agreement is presented to the other party for acceptance.
  5. The form and date of signing the agreement is set.

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