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University of Silesia in Katowice

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Laboratories and workrooms

Currently, there are over 170 laboratories and workrooms at the University of Silesia equipped with modern measuring and research equipment. The employees, students and doctoral students associated with the University conduct research in these facilities, i.e. basic, industrial, applied, research and development works in every field of science, undertaking effective national and international cooperation, including business.  Analyses are conducted in the laboratories. They include molecular genetics, toxicology, polymer chemistry, water analysis, biomedical imaging, materials engineering, micro- and nanotechnology, nuclear physics and modern drugs. 

Do you know that…?

The municipal apiary of the University of Silesia is an unusual laboratory located on the roof of one of the faculty buildings. As part of this project, a team of scientists analyses e.g. the influence of the urban environment and the related stress-inducing factors on the functioning of bees.

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