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University of Silesia in Katowice

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About us

University of Silesia in Katowice, one of the largest and most dynamically evolving Polish higher education institutions, offers innovative solutions in the field of education and a friendly space for conducting research.

University employees, students and young scientists, working individually and in teams, address themes crucial at the regional, national and global level. They conduct research into land- and sea-dwelling wildlife, analyse climatic changes, search for solutions aimed at combatting poverty, hunger and social inequalities. They are committed to shaping the societies of the future and the results of their research contribute to improving the conditions and quality of life of the people. They develop efficient drugs and modern materials, investigate world and national cultural heritage. They teach how to think critically, how to be sensitive to words and indefatigable in asking questions. They create art and participate in numerous artistic events. They act responsibly, creatively and boldly. They eagerly dwell on their scientific passions, popularize knowledge and educate future generations. Expanding the borders of what is known, they are fearlessly reshaping our reality. 



High level of scientific research conducted, the diversity of the initiatives undertaken as well as modern infrastructure all translate into the quality of education. The University systematically develops the educational offer. New programmes and majors that correspond to recent scientific trends and expectations of the labor market are opened annually. Both allow undergraduate students and PhD students to pursue their individual interests.


The distinction HR Excellence in Research received from the European Commission, unique infrastructure distinguished in numerous architectural contests, highly rated patent activities of the university or research, educational, artistic and science popularizing initiatives awarded prizes – are just a few facts indicative of the quality of working conditions, education and possibilities of development.

Selected facts and numbers
1 SPIN-US Sp. z o.o., a special purpose vehicle and 7 spin-off companies
2 Doctoral Schools
2 regional specialist observatories
4 University campuses
8 faculties, including Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School
17 cluster connections
25 institutes
partners from over 90 countries of the world
nearly 170 laboratories
nearly 300 research and educational projects conducted under national and international programs
over 500 industrial property objects reported in patent offices
over 900 cooperation agreements with international entities
nearly 2000 contracts, agreements, and letters of intent concluded with economic, scientific, local government and business entities
over 3200 employees
nearly 250 000 of area in sq. meters (of educational or scientific nature or other)
nearly 1 250 000 volumes and over 354, 000 books in the free access area in the Scientific Information Centre and Academic Library
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